Happy State Kids Bank

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Because saving money isn't just for adults

Whether you’re saving for college or a new bike, the principle is the same – saving is important. Our Happy State Bank Kid’s Bank Savings Program was made for kids to enjoy the act of saving, as well as experience firsthand the fun things saving money can lead to. When your child opens their Happy State Bank Kids’ Bank savings account, they are beginning a habit that will keep them HAPPY for the rest of their lives.

Kids Bank Dates


Account Details

  • Requires a co-owner (parent, grandparent, guardian, etc.) to sign with student
  • No opening deposit required
  • No service fees
  • Free online banking
  • Quarterly (6) free withdrawals at any Happy State Bank location
  • Quarterly interest compounded and credited to the account
  • Deposit money at Happy State Bank or during Kids' Bank days at school


How to set up my Kids Bank Account

Kids Bank accounts are for Grades 1-4. Visit the location Happy State Bank at 1431 West Wilson Street.

To request an application go to https://www.happybank.com/KidsBank

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